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Incense Paper

Incense Paper

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Each incense book has 20 pages of natural mulberry paper. Full-sized incense books are 3 by 5 inches, and mini-sized books are 2 by 3 inches.

To Use as Incense: Rip out a page and place it in a fire-safe dish. Light one corner of the paper and blow the fire out as you would with other forms of incense. The paper will continue to smolder until it's completely burned. Allow to cool completely before disposing.

To Use as Petition Paper: When the moon is full, write something you want to manifest into your life on a page of incense paper. Follow the instructions above.

Fragrance Notes

Abraxas: Tobacco Musk • Citrus Bitters • Whisky

Antheia’s Garden: Neroli • Arugula • Rain

Aphrodite: Rose Petals • Spices • Creamy Sandalwood

Book of Shadows: Aged Paper • Musty Leather • Ink

Coven: Vetiver Musk • Evergreen Forest • Smoke

Cyprianus: Vellum • Musk • Decaying Binding

Desert Witch: Lavender • Palo Santo Embers • Sage

Fortuna: Fresh • Bright • Earthy Florals

Full Moon Ritual: Frankincense • Moss • Dark Florals

Goth: Black Roses • Cloves • Graveyard Dirt

High Priestess: Lilac • Citrus • Incense Musk

Melissae: Spring Flowers • Honey • Oakmoss

Miko: Temple Incense • Shinsen Rice • Spring Blossoms

Mystic: Black Honey • Tobacco • Damp Soil

Sea Witch: Sea Spray • Ambergris • Wild Flowers 

Spell Work: Herbs • Narcotic Florals • Dark Woods

Tasseomancy: Black Tea • Leather • Spice

Waning Moon: Mint • Musk • Flowering Herbs

Woodcutters Cottage: Cut Wood • Resin • Spiced Earth

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