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Holy & Heathen Special Edition Candle and Book

Holy & Heathen Special Edition Candle and Book

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Holy & Heathen was created in collaboration with writer Chelsea C. Jackson to commemorate the release of their debut poetry collection, All Things Holy and Heathen, which follows the cycle of life, death, violation, and reclamation.

Just as Jackson’s book blurs the lines between past and present, human and animal, and sacred and profane, Holy & Heathen uses a unique blend of fragrances, including tobacco, ocean spray, wild mushrooms, and honeysuckle.

The resulting scent is simultaneously bright, with green and floral notes, while also conveying an earthy undertone of decay—a perfect complement to the delicious and daring collection it was inspired by.

You can purchase the candle, or the All Things Holy and Heathen book and candle bundle, and be taken on an aromatic journey as we reclaim ourselves, rebuild our fractured world, and nurture a revived planet; “one that glows like a fresh secret/ like a flashlight under a heavy quilt.”*

*Lines taken from Jackson's poem "The Fall"

Chelsea Jackson (they/she) is a cross-genre writer, editor, and literary consultant who believes in creativity as a catalyst for change. They are the Co-Editor of The Maine Review and offer workshops, classes, and other events to foster community and support writers. You can find Chelsea's work in Riverfeet Press, Fatal Flaw Literary Magazine, Coffin Bell Journal, Bridge Eight, Hearth and Coffin Literary Journal, and Beyond Queer Words, among other publications. They live in Richmond, Virginia, with their partner and cuddly pitbull. You can connect with them at or on Instagram/X/TikTok @sea_c_j.

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