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Shea Butter Soap

Shea Butter Soap

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Antheia's Garden: Neroli • Arugula • Rain

Antheia is one of the Graces of Greek mythology. Her name means "flower" or “blossom”. She is the goddess of gardens, blossoms, and human love.

Ingredients: shea butter soap base, botanicals (blue cone flower, calendula, annatto powder, blue spirulina), fragrance

Aphrodite: Rose Petals • Spices • Creamy Sandalwood

Aphrodite is the Greek goddess associated with love, lust, and beauty. She's often associated with roses.

Ingredients: shea butter soap base, botanicals (rose petals, beet root powder, rose clay), fragrance

Fortuna: Fresh • Bright • Earthy Florals

Fortuna is named after the Roman goddess of luck and fortune. The fragrance is fresh and bright, with an earthy floral finish. The herbs and oils in this soap correspond to money and abundance. Use this when you need to amplify your success. Each bar weighs between 1.5 and 1.75 oz.

Ingredients: shea butter soap base, botanicals (mugwort, jasmine, pine, vervain, clove), fragrance, bergamot oil

Melissae: Spring Flowers • Honey • Oakmoss

In Greek mythology, Melissa was a nymph who was shown the use of honey by the bees. Priestesses who served goddesses were often referred to as “Melissae” meaning bees. Many believed the bees were the reincarnated souls of these priestesses.

Ingredients: shea butter soap base, botanicals (jasmine, daisy, sunflower, calendula, buttercup, sorrel blossoms), fragrance

Tasseomancy: Black Tea • Leather • Spice

There are numerous methods of divination that people have used since time began. One of the most iconic is the notion of reading tea leaves, also called tasseomancy. This fragrance blends the aroma of black tea with a splash of milk, incense, leather, spices, and rich woods to create the atmosphere of a tea leaf readers parlor.

Ingredients: shea butter soap base, fragrance, black tea leaves, activated charcoal

Waning Moon: Mint • Musk • Flowering Herbs

The Waning Moon is the time for letting go, clearing away, cleansing, releasing, shedding old patterns, and undoing bindings. Waning Moon fragrance contains jasmine, myrtle, jasmine, and lavender to aid in letting go of negative emotions; sandalwood and rosemary to cleanse and purify; and sage, cedar, and rose to remove negative energy.

Ingredients: shea butter soap base, botanicals (spinach powder, activated bamboo charcoal), fragrance, mica

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