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Floor Wash

Floor Wash

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Floor Wash is used for purification, to repel, ward against, and banish unwanted energy, to deflect negative energy, and for spiritual cleansing. This package contains a 0.75 oz dried herbal blend of sea salt, ritual herbs, resins, and oils.


How to use floor wash:

Add 1 tablespoon floor wash and 4 cups of boiling water to a heat resistant bowl. Let the mixture steep until it's cool enough to strain. 

Floor Wash can be used in multiple ways. Choose a method that works for you.

Option 1: It can be used with a rag to wipe walls, furniture, altar items, or the floor. Visualize yourself wiping away all negative and stagnant energy while you work. When you’re done, take the rag outside and wring it out over the ground to release the energy. 

Option 2: You can sprinkle the cleansing solution using your fingers or herb bundle. Dip the herbs in the solution and then shake the herbs to sprinkle it around your space. You can even use a spray bottle to do this. Visualize the drops of water trapping the negative and stagnant energy. The water will take the energy with it when it evaporates.

Option 3: You can also put the cleansing solution into a bowl that you’ve placed in the middle of your space. Visualize the water pulling all negative and stagnant energy into it. When you feel like this has been accomplished, take the bowl of water outside and pour the water out onto the ground to release the energy.

Option 4: Do not brew the floor wash with water for this method. Sprinkle the dried herb mix on the floor and either vacuum or sweep it up. Empty the contents of the vacuum or dustpan outside onto the ground  to release the energy.

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